2011. december 30., péntek

Kenzo Resort 2011 Womenswear

As I was searching materials for the previous blog post of the D&G, I accidentally came across to a picture of the Kenzo 2011 collection, and I decided to make a post about it.
My first remark was that it was inspired by the Gypsy scarves, and my second thought was that some of the pieces resemble to a maybe not very well known folk costume, namely the Palóc folk costume.
I don't really think that this inspiration was intentional, I couldn't find any information about it, but it's interesting to find out that the traditional costumes may have been altered into a modern form, and it's worn by people without any knowledge of another possible interpretation of the outfit.
The name of the costume defines the name of the area, Palóc, which is in Hungary, and it's known by its traditions, costumes, and of course scarves.
Here it is the picture, I think has some very strong resemblances with the outfit of Kenzo.

Woman's and men folk dress from Palóc

 Woman's folk dress from Palóc  

The similarity between the two dresses are the puffed sleeve blouse, the long skirt and the belt, which is almost the same in these two pieces.
This post is about the Kenzo Resort 2011 Collection, here are the photos:

2011. december 28., szerda

D&G Women Collection for Spring-Summer 2012

I saw some beautiful pieces from the very last D&G collection. These dresses reminds me of the Gypsy folk costumes, which are very colorful and beautiful; this woman collection was inspired by scarves and for me the Gypsy line is unquestionable.












2011. december 25., vasárnap

Peacock Passion

Miley Cyrus

 Britney Spears


Katy Perry

Anne Hathaway

Paris Hilton

Eva Longoria



Victoria's Secret

Finally, here are some styles I've made in fashionfinder.asos.com:

Winter Kate Fall Jasmine Peacock Cardigan by Nicole Richie

Peacock Feather Skirt by Matthew Williamson