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Fashion Star - Ep.6 - Out of the box

Every week we were used to see what the contestants are capable of to design, what they want to design more exactly, the past week something was different.
The designers were asked to move out from their confort zone, and to design what they never tried before, to make something different.
However, this task was a challenge for some designers and managed to get out of their usual ideas, while others make something different but the result went wrong...
Let's see how this episode was.

The first two who were presented, was Luciana and Ross. Actually Luciana was very quiet when the show begun, but week after week she became stronger and succeeded to get back into the current of the competition and to show her vision. I consider her to be very powerful and talented. What about Ross? :) He is a very cute Southern guy and I love his ideas, week after week.
So, this week, Luciana designed a jacket, which are very cute, and as Jessica Simpson said 'every girl wants to have a similar jacket in her wardrobe' and I agreed with her statement.
She won a bid from the Macy's. Well deserved!

As the song 'Lady Marmalade' started, I immediately knew that something hot begins:) And what Ross managed to design, was a vintage inspired lingerie. Here they are:

I really love the design of the high waisted, pin-up styled lingerie; thanks to this design, he won at the H&M, and the buyer of the renamed market stated that this idea was 'never expected, but retro, sexy, French boudoir'.
The next two designers, whom works were presented on the runway, were Nzimiro and Sarah. Nzimini, (as Nicole Richie picked this nickname, which is actually really cute :) ), went for a bohemian like dress, because in the first weeks he went for menswear, so this was quite new for him.
As for the result, Nicole was a bit dissapointed, he could do much better, but he won! His work was successful at the H&M, it is perfectly 'fits their romantic, printed H&M line' and is 'flirty, romantic, commerciable'.

Sarah went for bikini, she designed a different cut swimsuit, there is a cut-out part on one sight of the bikini. Jessica Simpson would have been much more satisfied if the colors were more brighter...and unfortunately she didn't get any offer. This wasn't enough for the customers, and neither the time to go home!

One of my favourites, is Nikki, who in that week went wrong...or terrible. She went for menswear, and she designed retro pants and shorts. No one liked them, no wonder why!

The other guy, Ronnie went for swimswear for ladies. He designed swimming suits - scuba inspired, or bodysuits with zipper on them, which are extremely hot! He was afraid if the zippers can came off during the show.
The surprise of the night was Barbara for me, and I feel sorry for her..,But let's see what she designed. She was thinking to make a boho look. As Nicole Richie is considered to be the bohemian queen, and we know why she got this title, Barbara inspired from Nicole's clothes, from her brand 'Winter Kate'.

She designed three amazing green maxi dresses, were amazing in my opinion, but not for the buyers, that's why I felt sorry for her. Her dresses were said too overworked...:(

The best design of the night, in my opinion was Kara. It was seen week after week, that her vision goes for the practical side, nothing glitzy but for sophistication and high quality and simplicity. And yes, to make more different as we seen her designs in more darker color, is kind of unusual. This time, she shown her feminine and smooth side: Kara designed a long, feminine, soft dress. And she made it! She won at the Saks.

The other surprise of the night was Orly...She said she will design a super tailored, motorcyle kind of jacket. I thought it will be amazing, but I never imagined she will go with her idea of zipper...But, as for me, I liked them, because the jackets are multifunctional. Since the jacket is long, it can be zippered, and you get a more shorter one!My absolute favourite is that black combined with pink! I love it!
Orly's Confederate jacket

Orly's Confederate jacket

As usual, the final of the show is when the bottom contestants are presented and one is saved. Now, as the competition has headed, all designers on the bottom were called, namely: Sarah, Nikki, Barbara and Orly. Nikki was successfully saved by the mentors, while the designer who leaved the competition, was named. For a moment I thought that Orly will be that person, due to the constant 'zipper idea', but it seems that the buyers see in her something, and this is true. The one who left, was Barbara, as it was said, 'she is not the buyer's Fashion Star'.

2012. április 22., vasárnap

Fashion Star - Ep.5 - Living Department Store Window

The challenge of the last week's episode, was to work in teams and to place the designs, like there are in a store window, using living models. It was a really fun episode, I liked it.
Now, the firsts who came into the runway, were Barbara and Nikki. They decided on the idea of a photoshoot, for the store window. Barbara went to the classic, office like dresses, 'High waisted dress'. Actually these dresses are everywhere, they didn't were something new..
But Nikki designed 'Vintage inspired Maxi' dresses, which were very elegant and beautiful, and the mentors liked those dresses also. Nicole Richie said that she loved the idea, and has a huge respect for that era. She had success at the buyers also, she won a bid from the H&M. And, oh I absolutely love Nikki's accent! It's not funny, but it's very authentic :) See the Nikki's dresses below:

The next pair, was Luciana and Ronnie. I don't have to much to say about them...they won offers also, Ronnie at the Macy's, Luciana at the Saks. As Ronnie wasn't a runner-up at the previous episodes, now he manages to find new ways and to show his creativity.

Ronnie Escalante

The garments of the next designers were very interesting, and I have to admit they are very talented too, and they are Orly, Ross and Sarah. I love their designs, I can say they are my favourite.
I really really love that, during the process of designing and working on other stuff, they are using the Apple Macbook :)

2012. április 12., csütörtök

Fashion Star - Ep.4 - High-End Appeal/ Mass Market Appeal

I was a little late with the last week review of the Fashion Star, but this episode was really interesting and somehow worth it to wait and watch finally...So, the theme or challenge past week for the designers was to create two pieces for two different markets: a high-end look or expensive looking garment, and a lower - cheaper version of the high-end. Actually the concept is really practical, if we think about that most of the designers out there have expensive clothes, but there can be found others with both expensive and affordable prices for all kind of people. I think that if a designer decides to produce for example only for the 'higher classes', that person need to know exactly what are his/her concepts and the needs of the customers.
I also think that a piece of clothing doesn't necessary need to be highly expensive to be classy and nicely fitting. The market is huge, and only the person itself knows what he/she wants to wear, so it is personal at last...

 Back to the Fashion Star, Sarah was the first contestant from that evening who managed to win a bid and from the H&M, for her structured dress. As the represantive from the H&M said, those dresses were realy commercial and they do believe in Sarah, so keep up working! The high-end version was the white one, with a very sophisticated and sexy line and fit, while the affordable one was a more simple red mini dress.

An other winning look of the night was Luciana's beaded dresses, which were very chic and unique in my opinion, and I think that's why she won finally at the Saks.

   This time, Nikki had chosen something different and went retro, what all the buyers liked and her garments went to the H&M shops. Really psychedelic, isn't it?

  The next halter dresses weren't my favourite by Barbara, but actually they looked very practical and simple, casual, so there was no problem for the buyers, from the Macy's more exactly.

  And finally, there is Kara...I don't like the fact that she is not using so much color when designing, only neutral and dark colors but I love the fact that she knows what she wants, and what her goals are - logically her dresses have been reflecting this already.
This time she designed tuxedo jackets, one shorter and longer the other. The red lining of the jackets altered the garments a somekind of 'brand', actually something after that a designer is remembered. The mentors also mentioned this fact, because there are people in the competition whom designer aims aren't reflected in the garments and this is sad...I agree with this idea. Again, back to Kara :)
  As for there are no losers in a this kind of competition, but there is always someone who need to go home, but before that the bottom three designers were named and they were: Lisa, Ronnie, Edmond.
The mentors finally gave a shot to Ronnie and the designers all agreed that Lisa must go home..In this episode Lisa confessed that her dream was that her dressed to be sold at the Saks, since they went shopping along with her mother to the Saks, before she passed away...
And I loved her designs, so I must to post her designs, because I think those trench 'car' coats were amazing, both of them! What do you think? :)

2012. április 4., szerda

Fashion Star - Ep. 3 - Here Comes Summer

As in the middle of spring and summer is nearly here, as the theme of the 3rd episode of the 'Fashion Star' was the summer also last week. All the contestans had to create a garment which has a call for summer and what would the buyers prefer. If this is business, is business!
The show opened with the performance of the extra-mega summer jam of 2011 'Party Rock Anthem' by the LMFAO. Well, since this is a fashion reality show, including glitters are allowed.
Back to the fashion side of the show: patterns and ideas from the latest trends were the most determined.
Orly designed a color-blocking dress, in sherbet colors: light blue, sunset orange and violet. I loved the idea of the bends which were in in a more brighter color as was the whole dress. And she won a bid from the Saks :) Well deserved Orly!

The next round was a very lucky one, because all designs of the three contestants were successful aomg the mentors and the buyers.

I loved the fact that Nikki went into a different direction, I loved the design and the colors.
That's why she got an offer from the Macy's.

Sarah decided in creating maxi dresses, which were sexy and elegant for the represantative of the H&M, so she got an offer too.
Nicole Richie loved her designs, since she is in maxis and as she said, maxi dresses are for every type of body shape, so it is very practical and feminine, and she is right!

If summer and for men, what else can be the best for gentlemen, like the shorts? Nzimiro Oputa created a very cute short in varied colors like: red-navy-white combination and stripes and pink with brown. Jessica Simpson said that she really loves these shorts, she would imagine even on her fiancé, and she said that these shorts are preppy shorts and a kind of Hamptons party in the pants :)

Another man contestant, this time Ross. For some reasons he couldn't manage to win an offer so far, but this time the buyers liked his women shorts and won an offer by the Macy's. He's a kind of Ryan Gosling, isn't he?:)

And the final designer who was successful in the previous week from the 12 contestants, was Kara. I thought that she finally managed to get out from her confort zone and she would create something more and not only like pants, in black and grey but...she still had this idea on her mind. Somehow I didn't like her pants  she created...but she won at least, and Saks liked it.

After all the 12 designers went along, the mentors had to make a decision concerning who would they keep safe. They kept safe Edmond, who in this episode created maxi dresses, but weren't what the buyers wanted. After all Lizzie went home, who considered her being a rock&roll girl and she implemented this feeling into her creations, but seems that the buyers weren't as satisfied with them as she was.