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Fashion Star - Ep.5 - Living Department Store Window

The challenge of the last week's episode, was to work in teams and to place the designs, like there are in a store window, using living models. It was a really fun episode, I liked it.
Now, the firsts who came into the runway, were Barbara and Nikki. They decided on the idea of a photoshoot, for the store window. Barbara went to the classic, office like dresses, 'High waisted dress'. Actually these dresses are everywhere, they didn't were something new..
But Nikki designed 'Vintage inspired Maxi' dresses, which were very elegant and beautiful, and the mentors liked those dresses also. Nicole Richie said that she loved the idea, and has a huge respect for that era. She had success at the buyers also, she won a bid from the H&M. And, oh I absolutely love Nikki's accent! It's not funny, but it's very authentic :) See the Nikki's dresses below:

The next pair, was Luciana and Ronnie. I don't have to much to say about them...they won offers also, Ronnie at the Macy's, Luciana at the Saks. As Ronnie wasn't a runner-up at the previous episodes, now he manages to find new ways and to show his creativity.

Ronnie Escalante

The garments of the next designers were very interesting, and I have to admit they are very talented too, and they are Orly, Ross and Sarah. I love their designs, I can say they are my favourite.
I really really love that, during the process of designing and working on other stuff, they are using the Apple Macbook :)

They created their store window in the theme of the Gossip Girl, it was really creative, and looked so good.

Can you guess from this picture, who designed what? Okay, then. Ross designed the 'Double Button Vest', in three different colors: navy blue, candy pink and floral. Oh, I loved those vests! Jessica Simpson, who is one of the mentors, is Ross's symphatizer, since he is also Southern as is Jessica. Ross succeeded to win an offer from the Macy's, who chractarized the vests ad being classic and modern. Here they are:

My favourite item of the night were Sarah's 'Reversible blazer', since they can be worn inside-out, and in consequence are practical, if need a matching blazer. She won at the H&M, as she did many times before. She was warned to think more about her designs, because how comes that everytime the H&M likes her garments, and the other doesn't. Back to the blazers, my favourite one was that coral-violet color jacket (the coral is on the trend).

Also, designer John Varvatos said that in this phase of the contest, everyone must be very careful about their thoughts, because the designs must have to be superstar designs, if they want success, and he was right.
As Heidi Klum said in the Project Runway, 'one day you are in, and the next day you are out', in the fashion industry, this is the game, and Fashion Star is not different. As, Nikki, Ronnie, Luciana, Ross and Sarah were very successful, someone has to be on the bottom...and the bottom three were Orly, Barbara and Edmond. The mentors decided to save Barbara, because she is always creative, but that week wasn't the best one of Orly. She went in the front of the buyers, next to Edmond. I think she learned her lesson now. And the eliminated contestant was Edmond, whom 'Oxford shirt' was a very basic one, which every man has in his wardrobe. The buyers wanted more...
Edmond's Oxford shirt

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