2012. április 4., szerda

Fashion Star - Ep. 3 - Here Comes Summer

As in the middle of spring and summer is nearly here, as the theme of the 3rd episode of the 'Fashion Star' was the summer also last week. All the contestans had to create a garment which has a call for summer and what would the buyers prefer. If this is business, is business!
The show opened with the performance of the extra-mega summer jam of 2011 'Party Rock Anthem' by the LMFAO. Well, since this is a fashion reality show, including glitters are allowed.
Back to the fashion side of the show: patterns and ideas from the latest trends were the most determined.
Orly designed a color-blocking dress, in sherbet colors: light blue, sunset orange and violet. I loved the idea of the bends which were in in a more brighter color as was the whole dress. And she won a bid from the Saks :) Well deserved Orly!

The next round was a very lucky one, because all designs of the three contestants were successful aomg the mentors and the buyers.

I loved the fact that Nikki went into a different direction, I loved the design and the colors.
That's why she got an offer from the Macy's.

Sarah decided in creating maxi dresses, which were sexy and elegant for the represantative of the H&M, so she got an offer too.
Nicole Richie loved her designs, since she is in maxis and as she said, maxi dresses are for every type of body shape, so it is very practical and feminine, and she is right!

If summer and for men, what else can be the best for gentlemen, like the shorts? Nzimiro Oputa created a very cute short in varied colors like: red-navy-white combination and stripes and pink with brown. Jessica Simpson said that she really loves these shorts, she would imagine even on her fiancé, and she said that these shorts are preppy shorts and a kind of Hamptons party in the pants :)

Another man contestant, this time Ross. For some reasons he couldn't manage to win an offer so far, but this time the buyers liked his women shorts and won an offer by the Macy's. He's a kind of Ryan Gosling, isn't he?:)

And the final designer who was successful in the previous week from the 12 contestants, was Kara. I thought that she finally managed to get out from her confort zone and she would create something more and not only like pants, in black and grey but...she still had this idea on her mind. Somehow I didn't like her pants  she created...but she won at least, and Saks liked it.

After all the 12 designers went along, the mentors had to make a decision concerning who would they keep safe. They kept safe Edmond, who in this episode created maxi dresses, but weren't what the buyers wanted. After all Lizzie went home, who considered her being a rock&roll girl and she implemented this feeling into her creations, but seems that the buyers weren't as satisfied with them as she was.

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