2012. február 16., csütörtök

Eastern folk - Western pop

La Blouse Roumaine - Henri Matisse

   I was reading the news, when an article caught up my attention in a Romanian local newspaper. Adele, the famous songbird was on the cover of the prestigious Vogue and she was wearing a Tom Ford blouse.
The famous peasant blouse by the "Tom Ford Spring Collection 2012" are

That magazine cover become famous here, because the blouse was inspired by the traditional Romanian peasant blouses. Because I love everything traditional, folk and bohemian, I thought that it's the time for a post what is 'mine' :) I made a little research and I realized that this kind of inspiration by the Romanian traditional folk dresses is not something new.
   Back in the day of 2006, Jean Paul Gaultier created a country-side inspired collection, and for the native Romanians the inspiration was obvious, take a look:

I also came across into a blouse created by Emilio Pucci (Spring Collection 2011), and the inspiration is obvious.

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011

Traditional Romanian peasant blouse

2012. február 8., szerda

Mad Men for Banana Republic

Honestly I had been waiting so long for a Tv show inspired from the 50's-60's, and I finally discovered the "Mad Men". It's amazing. I love the whole story, the evoluation of characters, the ideas of that era and of course - I love the most the fashion of the life of the Mad Men. Now I really think that I have something with that era - just take a look back at my previous posts (and I think that will be more about the 50's).
So, I discovered that the Banana Republic had launched past year, a line inspired by the Mad Men. I'm trully glad that the fashion of the 50's is coming back, because it is really fashionable and ladylike - I think that in some pieces like coats we felt a little the influence of the 50's.
A little bit about the clothes I liked: I really love this office feeling of the clothes, the combination of the suit trousers with the lace top and/or the cardigan. I also love that grey suit, that's definitely 50's.
I also love that blue printed dress, it's really pretty. But my favorite is that creme color dress and the leopard printed coat with a belt and sunglasses. 50's!
Unfortunately there are some dresses that I didn't like... sorry, but I am not satisfied with the materials of the skirts, it looks like they need to be constantly ironed. The dress what I liked the least is that wine-red dress - sorry to say but that dress reminds me of those bridesmaid dresses what you can purchase from any kind of malls and stores.
I've put the photos in this order(loved - not really loved).

Beside the women, there had always been the men - pardon - gentlemen, whose life I think, is a little bit more focused on the show, but that is logic, since in the 50's the men were mostly working, in the case of the upper-classes, like in the family of Don Draper. As he is working ( in the Tv series) in an advertising agency, the suit is required, that's the reason why suits were designed.

photo source: fashionising.com