2012. február 8., szerda

Mad Men for Banana Republic

Honestly I had been waiting so long for a Tv show inspired from the 50's-60's, and I finally discovered the "Mad Men". It's amazing. I love the whole story, the evoluation of characters, the ideas of that era and of course - I love the most the fashion of the life of the Mad Men. Now I really think that I have something with that era - just take a look back at my previous posts (and I think that will be more about the 50's).
So, I discovered that the Banana Republic had launched past year, a line inspired by the Mad Men. I'm trully glad that the fashion of the 50's is coming back, because it is really fashionable and ladylike - I think that in some pieces like coats we felt a little the influence of the 50's.
A little bit about the clothes I liked: I really love this office feeling of the clothes, the combination of the suit trousers with the lace top and/or the cardigan. I also love that grey suit, that's definitely 50's.
I also love that blue printed dress, it's really pretty. But my favorite is that creme color dress and the leopard printed coat with a belt and sunglasses. 50's!
Unfortunately there are some dresses that I didn't like... sorry, but I am not satisfied with the materials of the skirts, it looks like they need to be constantly ironed. The dress what I liked the least is that wine-red dress - sorry to say but that dress reminds me of those bridesmaid dresses what you can purchase from any kind of malls and stores.
I've put the photos in this order(loved - not really loved).

Beside the women, there had always been the men - pardon - gentlemen, whose life I think, is a little bit more focused on the show, but that is logic, since in the 50's the men were mostly working, in the case of the upper-classes, like in the family of Don Draper. As he is working ( in the Tv series) in an advertising agency, the suit is required, that's the reason why suits were designed.

photo source: fashionising.com

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