2012. február 16., csütörtök

Eastern folk - Western pop

La Blouse Roumaine - Henri Matisse

   I was reading the news, when an article caught up my attention in a Romanian local newspaper. Adele, the famous songbird was on the cover of the prestigious Vogue and she was wearing a Tom Ford blouse.
The famous peasant blouse by the "Tom Ford Spring Collection 2012" are

That magazine cover become famous here, because the blouse was inspired by the traditional Romanian peasant blouses. Because I love everything traditional, folk and bohemian, I thought that it's the time for a post what is 'mine' :) I made a little research and I realized that this kind of inspiration by the Romanian traditional folk dresses is not something new.
   Back in the day of 2006, Jean Paul Gaultier created a country-side inspired collection, and for the native Romanians the inspiration was obvious, take a look:

I also came across into a blouse created by Emilio Pucci (Spring Collection 2011), and the inspiration is obvious.

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011

Traditional Romanian peasant blouse

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