2012. március 22., csütörtök

Fashion Star - 1st episode

I was kindly inactive in this period, waiting for inspiration to come...and I got it! Past week I just couldn't wait to finally watch the fresh and new all-about-fashion, reality show 'Fashion Star'. I must to admit that I love everything is fashion and if is on TV, like the 'Project Runway' is much much better.
So, I challenged myself, and I decided that I will review the episodes.
Indeed the mentors are interesting, I couldn't wait to see mentoring my favorite Nicole Richie, singer turned in designer Jessica Simpson and designer John Varvatos. Actually they are really working very well together, and I thought that Jessica Simpson will be much more glitzy, but I was pleasently surprised after all.
I like the fact that, this show allows the contestants to create menswear too, because logically not everything is for women, and I agree with that.
My one negative point was the music, it was too much...the less is more.
I don't want to forget that the whole concept is very innovative, and as I was watching the show, I was wondering, why it wasn't found earlier?I think is very fresh and practical that the manufactured garment to being presented not only for judges to decide whether their products are wearable or not, but they must know if their designs are good for sell, if there is demand for their product. That's why I found interesting that the representants of the Macy's, the H&M and the Saks Fifth Avenue tell their opinion and decide to make an offer or not. This the show where fashion - art and business meet, and that's why I love that every garment for which is given an offer will be being sell and can be purchased by these businesses.
What is a review without images?

I really like the creative idea of the first black, mini skirt, at which is added a zipper, so it could be worn as mini or in a more unique way as it is shown in the picture. This skirt is made by the bartender Orly Shandi.
I didn't like that mini, white dress, a black line on the waist, although is pretty.
Although I see more in Sarah Parrot, the designer who made that bright blue dres
In conclusion these are the winner garments of the previous week, and I couldn't wait for seeing more in the future!

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