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Fashion Star - 2nd Ep. - Who's your customer?

Another week, another Fashion Star :) The task for this week was to design clothes for real customers. As Nicole Richie said, the feedback from the buyers is necesarry in order the final product to be perfect and to know what the people want from a designer. (Just to notice, Nicole looked amazing, I loved her dress and her outfit in this episode) As is usual, the designers had to create three different types of their garment, on which the real buyers had to bid on, and at the end of the show make available for the people out there to purchase.
Well, this week was full of surprises. My favourite designer, Orly Shani, didn't succed to get an order, her garment was a similar one to the previous week's, it was a covertible maxi dress, maybe it was the same idea for an other round, but I think it was very creative and innovative.

Plaid tie dress

As past week Kara Laricks wasn't my favourite, now she managed to win the bid of the represantative of the Saks with the draped tie dress (unfortunately I haven't found more pics :( :

The surprise of the night was Sarah Parrott, who in the last minute changed her mind and it was a great idea, because her 'Tuxedo pants' won in front of the judges. She was surprized too. Although, those pants wasn't my favourite...

The other winner of the night was Lisa Vian Hunter, whose classic shaped dresses won. I think these garment are to simple to succed on the market, but there are people who want dresses like these. Okay, I admit, simple but pretty. I would wear them too!

The only menswear of the night was , who inspired from the Western world and put his inspiration into some amazing men shirts.

And if there are winners, there is always someone who goes home. This week Oscar was this person. From the bottom three: Lizzie, Ross and Oscar, Ross was saved by the mentors, Lizzie by the buyers and Oscar was sent home.
To be honest, I didn't like Oscar designs...some party, coctail dresses, which can found almost at every store, wherever you want to buy a dress and you need it now. I agreed with the mentor John Varvatos, when he said that the designed dresses by Oscar were 'hootcy' and not fashionable and sophisticated.

After such a week at the Fashion Star, I cannot wait to see more surprises and challenges! 

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  1. This show looks so cool, unfortunately I don't think it's aired in my country.
    And wow Nicole Richie, I didn't even recognize her in the picture at first, she looks so pretty!

    1. It's not aired in Romania either, but you can watch it online, if you would like to :)

    2. Would you send me the link please? :)

    3. You can watch here, I'm following also from here:)