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Fashion Star - Ep.4 - High-End Appeal/ Mass Market Appeal

I was a little late with the last week review of the Fashion Star, but this episode was really interesting and somehow worth it to wait and watch finally...So, the theme or challenge past week for the designers was to create two pieces for two different markets: a high-end look or expensive looking garment, and a lower - cheaper version of the high-end. Actually the concept is really practical, if we think about that most of the designers out there have expensive clothes, but there can be found others with both expensive and affordable prices for all kind of people. I think that if a designer decides to produce for example only for the 'higher classes', that person need to know exactly what are his/her concepts and the needs of the customers.
I also think that a piece of clothing doesn't necessary need to be highly expensive to be classy and nicely fitting. The market is huge, and only the person itself knows what he/she wants to wear, so it is personal at last...

 Back to the Fashion Star, Sarah was the first contestant from that evening who managed to win a bid and from the H&M, for her structured dress. As the represantive from the H&M said, those dresses were realy commercial and they do believe in Sarah, so keep up working! The high-end version was the white one, with a very sophisticated and sexy line and fit, while the affordable one was a more simple red mini dress.

An other winning look of the night was Luciana's beaded dresses, which were very chic and unique in my opinion, and I think that's why she won finally at the Saks.

   This time, Nikki had chosen something different and went retro, what all the buyers liked and her garments went to the H&M shops. Really psychedelic, isn't it?

  The next halter dresses weren't my favourite by Barbara, but actually they looked very practical and simple, casual, so there was no problem for the buyers, from the Macy's more exactly.

  And finally, there is Kara...I don't like the fact that she is not using so much color when designing, only neutral and dark colors but I love the fact that she knows what she wants, and what her goals are - logically her dresses have been reflecting this already.
This time she designed tuxedo jackets, one shorter and longer the other. The red lining of the jackets altered the garments a somekind of 'brand', actually something after that a designer is remembered. The mentors also mentioned this fact, because there are people in the competition whom designer aims aren't reflected in the garments and this is sad...I agree with this idea. Again, back to Kara :)
  As for there are no losers in a this kind of competition, but there is always someone who need to go home, but before that the bottom three designers were named and they were: Lisa, Ronnie, Edmond.
The mentors finally gave a shot to Ronnie and the designers all agreed that Lisa must go home..In this episode Lisa confessed that her dream was that her dressed to be sold at the Saks, since they went shopping along with her mother to the Saks, before she passed away...
And I loved her designs, so I must to post her designs, because I think those trench 'car' coats were amazing, both of them! What do you think? :)

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