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Get Nicole Richie's style

Want something simple, and can't you decide what to wear? Adopt some of the outfits of Nicole's. I love the way how a glitzy, scandalous girl who was Paris Hilton BFF, became a mature woman, mother of two children, having a simple, clean style and life. I would say that she is the bohemian queen, because of her lifestyle and clothes she is wearing.
So, nothing complicated: take a black tight, wear that with a dress, knitwear dress, short, vest. In summertime, wear a  short, tank top and a wrap blouse - for bohemian lovers, the flower pattern is the best.
I present you a few outfit tips on how to get Nicole Richie style:

In summertime nothing is more comfortable than a short, floral dress. Match it with a denim vest and wedges/sandals/flat shoes.

Wear your black or denim in any color with a tank top and for outerwear, wear a knitted cardigan, match with high heels/flat shoes, get your bracelets and you are ready to go!


One of my favorite summertime outfits: it's simple, comfortable, feminine and sexy. Denim shorts, tank top, wear a wrap floral blouse and flat shoes. You can turn in a nightwear by wearing black thight and high heels.


These outfits are simple and comfortable in the case you are in hurry and you if have a lot of things to do. So, wear your simplest summer, floral dress, get a jacket on, accessorise with a scarf. You can wear high heels and/or flat shoes with it.

Take your favorite long, knitwear blouse out of the wardrobe, get a black tight, match with a pair of boots and it's a perfect winter outfit.


If you are going to a party, and want something different, take a velvet/sequin dress in any color, get your black tight and boots/high heels, take on your favorite earrings and have fun!

This is my favorite outfit! It's simple, it's not glitzy, but you will be definitely remarked by others! Wear an assymetrical or a normal black dress, match it with a pair of animal print shoes/boots, take your favorite earrings (in my opinion the animal print is the main print on this outfit, so the more simple is better) and your black clutch! 


A post about Nicole Richie is nothing without maxi dresses! She is a boho-chic, and there is no need for any glitzy summer dresses if maxi dress exist. Here is my top list of the dresses she was wearing. Pick your favorite and tell me in a comment :)

source: fashionfinder.asos.com

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