2012. január 17., kedd

50's style

Gotten encouraged by the previous post, I decided I will do some style tips, make some outfits with the help of the amazing virtual wardrobe fashionfinder.asos.com. I concluded that I will do this, after every single post which is about some amazing photos around the world.
I got inspired by the fabulous 50's, I love the fashion of that time as I mentioned before and according to fashionising.com, the fashion of the 20's and 50's will characterise this year's fashion. But I think, many people observed that some items are used again, the great designers came back to the basic items, it's enough to remember those classic shaped autumn/winter coats, which I think, almost all of us have at least one in our wardrobe. These coats were high-fashioned when my mom had the same age as me. And it seems, they won't be out of fashion neither in 2012.
High-waist is in fashion too. Many celebrities, are wearing with pleasure high-waisted shorts/costumes on their tours.
I love these high-waisted shorts, not only because it's trendy, but also because it's very comfortable. You can vary with any kind of footwear, beginning from wedges to high-heels to flat shoes, sandals. Drop in and ready to go!
High-waisted pencil skirt is on the trend too:
There is a huge variety of colors in the market. I've chosen the pink color and I matched it with a sleeveless shirt, but it can varied with any long sleeve sleeve shirt too. For footwear the best choice is the high-heels. With a similar outfit, you definitely will have a classic, strong, sophisticated air.
I love the voluminous skirts. They gives you a very very feminine feeling and are comfortable. By the following outfit I got inspired.
The best thing in a skirt is the variation. You can combine with anything.
 I combined with a long neck blouse and a beautiful red pair of shoes. This high-waisted skirt is definitely 50's.
Dresses in the 50's style is on the trend. They are classic and modern, feminine and comfortable if you choose the right one.

It's the simplest way to have your 50's air, by wearing a denim trousers and you have your shirt in it, like this:
I combined with ankle boots and a dark blue shirt, accessorized with a belt, and a wonderful pair of earrings, for a casual outfit.
For the conclusion, here you are a 50's styled music video by Katy Perry "Thinking of you".


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  1. tetszik a piros ruha, ami a lányon van.-)

  2. Great post, it's nice to see some influence of the 50's coming back :)

  3. jo a sotetkek ing meg a farmer, azt maris felvennem :)